Make Those Grades, Don’t Let ‘Em Make You

Here’s to all my college students out there that are now at the kick off of finals week. Last week, one of my professors reminded us that while we’re all out here pushing ourselves to get these high marks and be the best, remember that you have to take care of yourself too. Being the undercover nerd that I am, I know I am extremely … Continue reading Make Those Grades, Don’t Let ‘Em Make You

Jay-Z Opens Up to The New York Times

Hello everyone! So, I was finally able to take a break from studying for finals and working on presentations, blah, blah…and I was able to sit and watch the recent interview that Jay-Z did with The New York Times. The Brooklyn-native sat down for a conversation with the Times’ executive editor, Dean Baquet, in New York late last September; the main topics of which seemed … Continue reading Jay-Z Opens Up to The New York Times

Grammy Nominations 2018

Hey Street Poetry fans! It’s Liss here from blisswithliss coming to talk to you guys about these Grammy nominations. If you love street poetry, then you’ll definitely want to check out her guest post on my blog blisswithliss. Now about these nominations… I personally don’t care too much for them. As a music fan, I pay attention to them but I just feel like Hip … Continue reading Grammy Nominations 2018

You’ve Gotta Have “She’s Gotta Have It” Soundtrack

If you have not started watching Spike Lee’s new Netflix joint, She’s Gotta Have It, during your Thanksgiving break, then I’m not sure what you’ve been doing. This show is bomb (yes, I’ve already finished it), and the music makes me veryyyy happy! I was already a fan of the 1986 movie of the same name, so I was hoping that this more modernized remake … Continue reading You’ve Gotta Have “She’s Gotta Have It” Soundtrack

Swizz Beatz & J. Cole Hit The Studio

It looks like Swizz Beatz officially has redefined the goal that most students have of securing a “job” after graduation. Not even a whole week after graduating from Harvard Business School (#fromthebronxtoharvard), the producer is showing us that all of his focus is back on the music! Swizz Beatz has just helped produce and was featured on a part of Fabolous’ new album, Friday on … Continue reading Swizz Beatz & J. Cole Hit The Studio

“Dedication 6” Coming Soon

As Lil Wayne wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on Instagram on Thursday, he expressed how thankful he was of his fans for riding with him, and also revealed that a Dedication 6 is coming soon! View this post on Instagram Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for all my fans for standing by me while I’m enduring this fight with this label. I ain’t shit without y’all! … Continue reading “Dedication 6” Coming Soon