Demi Performs “Sorry Not Sorry” at the 2017 AMAs

Due to me traveling and moving around nonstop for the Thanksgiving holiday, I realized that I missed this year’s American Music Awards; which honestly isn’t an award show I’m usually excited for anyway. But, I found out that Demi Lovato performed her song “Sorry Not Sorry” this year, and let me tell you, I have been playing the heck out of this song for the past few months; it’s addictive. So, I had to go on YouTube and find the performance to see if Miss Lovato slayed the song as I had so expected after she killed the VMAs earlier this year with the same banger.

The beginning of the performance starts off with a bunch of mean tweets to and about Demi (social media bullying at its tired best) appearing on a large screen up on the stage. Demi then emerges from her seat in the crowd, and disses negativity in the world as she takes the stage to begin her performance. I love seeing her overcome and be herself in her music while trying to inspire confidence and positivity in others.

Overall, I think the performance was very simple, with her and her all-female back up dancers dressed in black, and only white and red lights for stage effects. (By the way, I am absolutely loving this sleek, black, long, straight hair with a middle part that she has been wearing lately). Her vocals didn’t necessarily disappoint, which doesn’t surprise me much because she usually sounds great live; but, I felt like her energy was kind of low and some of the fierceness of the song was lost. I think that because I love the message and the unapologetic, empowering tone of the song soooo much, I really wanted her to burst out there hitting those high notes and giving something really memorable. Don’t get me wrong, it was a solid performance and I have yet to get tired of this song so kudos to her!

Check out the performance below and share your thoughts:



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