Make Those Grades, Don’t Let ‘Em Make You

Here’s to all my college students out there that are now at the kick off of finals week. Last week, one of my professors reminded us that while we’re all out here pushing ourselves to get these high marks and be the best, remember that you have to take care of yourself too. Being the undercover nerd that I am, I know I am extremely guilty of letting my work stress me, but just remind yourself not to let these grades define your life. If there is a class that isn’t for you or you are just struggling with, just think about if this one small hurdle is really worth your health in the marathon of your life.

With all that said, just do and be the best you can be! You’re all more than capable to performing to your highest potential. Just take a few breaths and try to take a break here and there between studying to rest. Here is a playlist to vibe to in the background while you’re taking those moments to relax.

You’re almost there. Keep the positive energy flowing!

P.S. If you get the headline, you a real one.

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