Grammy Nominations 2018

Hey Street Poetry fans! It’s Liss here from blisswithliss coming to talk to you guys about these Grammy nominations. If you love street poetry, then you’ll definitely want to check out her guest post on my blog blisswithliss.

Now about these nominations… I personally don’t care too much for them. As a music fan, I pay attention to them but I just feel like Hip Hop/R&B/Soul don’t get the proper respect at these predominately White award shows. I catch the Grammys every so often, when there’s a big name I want to see perform, but I know it’s all rigged anyways so I never pay too much to the categories. I also don’t think that black artists needs validation from these awards shows and should support our own more often… but hey that’s the industry right? Everyone wants to say that they won a Grammy or Emmy or AMA… whatever.

However, I still want to acknowledge and celebrate the artists that did get nominated for the Grammy’s including my new fave (yes I am little late to the wave), Sza. She has multiple nominations this year, and I couldn’t be more happy for her. CTRL is a great album, and she truly deserves it. I’m wishing her the best.

Another nominee is the up and coming artist Khalid. He tweeted awhile back how he wanted to go to the Grammys one day, and look here. His dream has came true.


Some other honorable mentions include Jay Z, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars,Lil Uzi, Daniel Caesar, and Ledisi.

I may or may not tune in this year for the award show, but you never know. I’ll be looking to see who comes home with the awards though (via twitter of course 😉)

Will you all be watching the Grammys this year? How do you guys feel about the nominations? Who do you want to win?



*Discretion: My views may or may not reflect the views of street poetry*

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