Time To Suit Up With Dribble2much!

Now even though everyone is still sitting around eating holiday leftovers and watching football, we are in the midst of basketball season, I have gem for all you athletes out there! Earlier this month, Johnny Stephene, AKA Dribble2much, released his basketball-inspired album, “Locker Room.” By day, Stephene is a passionate, ball-handling pro, and is the founder and CEO of HandleLife, a sports training and lifestyle brand. When he’s not spending time training and hosting basketball camps, the Florida native is in the studio expressing his passion for the game through his music.

So admittedly, it took me a minute to really get into the first couple of songs, maybe because I’m not an athlete, but as the tracks continued I found myself bopping my head and getting into it. Now, my current basketball skill level is like maybe I’ll make a free throw or attempt a sorry lay-up; but by the time I finished the album, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t about to be in somebody’s starting five. It actually made me wish I could like shake somebody and hit a three or something really impressive! (By the way, one of my sisters laughed at me when she saw me make my shake move while playing the album…but just let me dream y’all)

This album will definitely give you some “Locker Room” inspiration to make you feel like you are the ish; not to mention, the beats in this will pump you up and send you out on the court like you own it. The sound is pretty diverse, giving me some Future, trap vibes one minute, and then a little Drake the next, and I love it! It also features some familiar voices like Eric Thomas, O.T. Genasis, Kevin Durant, and more.

So far, my top three are: Automatic, Snap, and Let it Fly (which is also in the NBA 2K18 Soundtrack by the way). I feel like I’m going to have to get better at video games so I can whoop somebody in 2K while I blast these songs, because unfortunately, the chances of me becoming a real “ankle bully” anytime soon are slim. But who knows.. 😉

Take a listen and let me know your favorites!


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