Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you are all spending today with your loved ones and making multiple plates! Here are a few family-friendly throwbacks you can add to your playlist today while you finish cooking, eating, and having a good time with your family. Sending love to everyone!   Let’s be corny for a second..Post below about something you are thankful for! 😉 Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

I Love Black People: NMAAHC “Musical Crossroads”

Hey everybody! This is just a quick post of me gushing over what I experienced at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. the other day. So, because my professor is the G.O.A.T. (shout out to Professor Williams-Johnson!), my Social & Internet Marketing class was able to go to the NMAAHC before opening hours and take a tour of the … Continue reading I Love Black People: NMAAHC “Musical Crossroads”

To Listen or Not To Listen: Heartbreak on a Full Moon

Alright, here’s my review of Chris Brown’s new album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon… I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m sorry, but just the thought of listening to an album with 45 songs sounds so exhausting to me. It’s the same way I felt when Future dropped two albums within a week of each other earlier this year. It’s just too much (unless of … Continue reading To Listen or Not To Listen: Heartbreak on a Full Moon

We Get It. Now, Be Original.

The other day, I happened to see two tweets that I just couldn’t resist retweeting because they made me think about something that I often question: how have we allowed these basic rappers to become the face of hip-hip today? By the way, being a “rapper” does not mean that the music you make is “hip-hop,” but that’s a story for another day. One of … Continue reading We Get It. Now, Be Original.