Chance the Rapper Debuts Brand New Song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Grammy-award winning artist, Chance the Rapper, had a lot on his mind during his performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, September 26. He, along with the very talented, Daniel Caesar, blessed the stage with an unreleased song that will make you play it back repeatedly to listen intently. The untitled track was a very introspective piece; in which, Chance talks about fatherhood, family, missing high school, and challenging people who want to live the “American Dream,” but act like problems in the country do not exist (*snaps to that*).  At one point during my many times listening to it, I started to think of it as more of something I would hear at an open mic night, or slam poetry event. It is very reflective on his part, but also makes listeners reflect on their actions:

“I’m just gon’ keep rappin’, and y’all just keep clappin’, and keep actin’ like Flint got clean water, and y’all don’t got teen daughters, and black friends and gay cousins, y’all just don’t say nothin’, know that the day comin’, knees bowed, tongues confessing, the last ones to get first dibs on blessings”

Originally, Chance was set to perform an unrelated track from his last project, “Coloring Book,” entitled “Grown Ass Kid”; so, please believe that I (along with many others I’m sure) will still be looking for that. Anyway, that plan was nixed for unknown reasons, and he came up with this song only two days prior to the performance. The proud Chicagoan also spoke to Colbert about his education policy efforts for public schools in Chicago, and his fund called the “New Chance Arts & Literature Fund.” Oh, and by the way, his organization has recently donated $2.2 million to 20 public schools in Chicago!

Check out his performance below, and feel free to comment!


*UPDATE: Chance has named this song “First World Problems”

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