My First Blog Post — We LIVE!

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog, street poetry! My name is Cherise (or Reese if we’re cool like that), and I am a senior at the one and only Mecca, the real HU, Howard University. I’m writing this post just to let any one reading know a bit about me, and why I am starting this blog. So, to be honest, this blog is a class assignment for my social marketing course, but I’m really excited and nervous to see how I do at this (so bear with me)! My personality is mix between an incredibly understanding person, yet very unapologetic at the same time; so, that is most likely what you will find here in my posts and hopefully, in any conversations that arise here. I decided to blog about what I am interested in, which is music (mostly hip-hop, R&B, soul, but other genres as well) and all things related to it. I love music for the messages, the creativity, the connections, and how it brings people together. So, follow along with me as I discuss all things music and enjoy a playlist or two! Sending love and positive energy to everyone!

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